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I’m Oleny, a Surrey based photographer, explorer, mom and wife. 


I’m an introvert interested in people. I deeply appreciate people’s lives, their stories,

their families, and the uniqueness in everyone. 

As a photographer I'm touched by human relationships, emotions and connections.


I’m inspired by all the love, compassion, resilience, and sense of humor, that go into raising kids; the hard work moms and dads do; the adorably crazy things that kids do while they know no shame or measure and by our imperfections, our uniqueness, our true selves and real lives. 


I aim to capture those special moments that flourish every day in the family we have woven and that we don’t want to forget; all the ordinary gestures that become extraordinary when you look at them either because they mean so much, or because they’re so yours, or because they change so fast.


Yes, I have this fantasy that I can stop time. There’s so much to love and learn from in our everyday life, but we’re such busy humans, we can only perceive and remember so much, so I take pictures to freeze time, to slow down.

A bit of history

I was born and raised in Venezuela, a land where people laugh and work hard in an eternal summer. My heart speaks Spanish but it’s filled with wanderlust.


In Venezuela I became a psychologist and in my previous life, I used to work as a family therapist. After doing this passionately for 10 years, I was in need of looking at the other side of family relationships. The beginnings, the illusion of new starts, the chaos that makes sense, the optimism.


Being a photo hobbyist, I grabbed a camera as a way to explore this brighter side of things, when a turn of destiny (romantic for “my husband’s job”) took us to Japan for two years. This came to be one of the most extraordinary experiences in my life. I had the opportunity to explore a whole new world, where I knew nobody and nobody knew me, camera in hand, at my own leisure and pace. It gave me the chance to think of myself as other than the “persona” I had built. 


In Japan, I decided to pursuit photography as a career. There also, our daughter Hana was born. As I became a mother I started to feel that urge to capture our moments as a family and understood what “growing too fast” means.


It just made sense to start using a camera to look inside relationships from a different perspective and to try to stop time and keep instants of my family, of your family, so we can remember later. 


Since 2015 we are thriving in Canada, this big, diverse, beautiful country with so many family stories to tell. And again, I’ve held to my family and my camera to start looking again.

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