before the session

where are you located?

in Surrey, B.C.

whats your specialty? your style?

I'm a family photographer. I make contemporary, candid images of my client families.

do you photograph 1st birthdays? cake smashes?

I do! I'll approach those special occasions as a family session, with special attention to the star of the day. I'll aim at capturing the connection and emotion in the family group at that moment through individual and group photos. Instead of using props or a studio, your family and home (or the location you choose) will provide the backdrop for natural photos.

what should I wear?

bring who you are! you should be comfortable, but most importantly be yourself. Wear something that you love or that expresses who you are.

do you travel?

travel time is included within Surrey, for other locations in the GVA a travel fee of 40$ will be added to the booking fee.

when do I pay my session fee and what does it cover?

you pay your $200 session fee at time of booking. It reserves your date and pays for the session (my time photographing your family + travel time within Surrey). This fee is non-refundable. then you pay the remaining $250 the day of the session. It covers the artistic edit of your pictures and gives you access to ALL (40+) your high-resolution files.

I only need a few images, do you offer mini-sessions?

I rarely do. I think family sessions should not be rushed. in order to capture your personality and that of your kids, we need time to build trust. Our time together will allow you to loosen up, feel comfortable around me and show real emotion more freely.

during the session

how long will our session last?

sessions usually last between one and two hours.

what will my session be like? where will it take place?

it will be natural. You may take it easy, let me get to know you and let the session happen. Expect to loosen up and have fun. if you feel like your family needs some "warm up" we may use the first 15-20 minutes of the session to create some posed pictures. After that I'll ask you to try not to look at the camera, just interact with your loved ones. I can provide some direction aimed to produce moments of connection and wait for the spontaneous gestures to happen. your session can happen anywhere. We will get together to do what you usually do, go to a favourite place of yours, take a walk, or just stay home.

I'd like a photo session at home, but our place is too messy/dark/tiny...

invite me to your home even if it's messy! I love those photos and you'll love them too. they'll remind you exactly what your life is like at this moment, your kids will be at their most comfortable, you'll be able to incorporate objects that you cherish... so don't worry about the mess or about the quality of light. I'll help you move around clutter as we go and I'll find the pockets of beautifull light. not only am I a family photographer, I'm a mom as well, I know.

what if my kids don't cooperate?

they don't have too! seriously. I'm not trying to take perfect pictures. I aim to capture the personality of your kids, the way they interact with you and the moments of conection. so don't feel stressed if kids don't want to smile or be still. If you feel OK with them just being themselves, they'll probably feel the same way and I'll have the opportunity to photograph beautiful spontaneous moments. I'm very patient and totally understand that every kid is different, that babies need frequent breaks, that tantrums happen... so I'll do my best to sense the rhythm of your family and go with it.

can I cancel/reschedule my session?

life happens. If you need to reschedule your session, please call me at least 48 hours in advance. My session fee is non-refundable, but you may use it for a one-time reschedule within six months of your original booking date. if called less than 48 hours before your session, rescheduling will be subject to availability and payment of a new fee.

what happens if it rains?

I keep a number of backup dates open each month in case of bad weather. There's no charge to reschedule to a new date if it's raining.

after the session

can we print our photos?

sure! I'll send you two sets of pictures, one web-optimised for mobile devices, tablets and social media outlets and one in high-resolution for printing. you'll also receive a print release that gives you full permission to print. If you need me to, I'll recommend some of my favourite printers, or I can take care of your prints altogether.

how long will it take to receive our images?

you'll receive your files three weeks after your session date.

can I post my images on Instagram, Facebook, etc?

of course! Your web-optimised set of pictures is ideal for mobile devices, tablets and social media outlets.

let's do this!